“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

–Mark 16:15

Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission Statement

The mission of The Abyssinian Baptist Church is to advance the Kingdom of God through our core values of

  • Worship that honors our historic legacy of prophetic preaching and celebrates the power of God in our lives
  • Evangelism that wins more souls for Christ
  • Service that is focused on progress, economic empowerment, and justice in the Harlem community and across the globe
  • Education that enlightens and equips members to grow spiritually and culturally

Vision Statement

The vision of The Abyssinian Baptist Church is to create the beloved community by supporting the poor, saving lost souls, providing a sanctuary for all who seek salvation and spiritual growth, strengthening youth and families, engaging in social activism, and economic development of our world and our Harlem community.

Core Values


  • Feeling or expressing reverence and adoration for God


  • Spreading the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness


  • Helping or doing work for someone


  • Receiving or giving systematic instruction