“But the greatest among you shall be your servant.”

–Matthew 23:11

Staff Directory

Contact Number: 212.862.7474


Rev. S. Raschaad Hoggard Executive Minister x 212
Rev. Janine Myrick Interim Pulpit Associate
Rev. Pamela Mason Assistant Minister for Christian Education x 204
Rev. Charisse A. Nelson Interim Youth Minister x 220

Church Officers
Gerald Barbour Chair, Diaconate Board x 235
Karyn Davenport Chair, Diaconate Board x 235
Alexis Thomas Chair, Board of Trustees x 240
Lillie R. May Treasurer x 240
Sheila S. Boston, Esq. Church Clerk x 216

Dr. Nathaniel Gumbs Interim Director of Music x 261

Asia Gregory Senior Accountant x 252
Theresa Clayton Stewardship Administrator x 305

Naomi Graham Administrative Officer/Executive Asst. to Pastor x 255
Karmesha K. Peake Ministerial Administrative Assistant x 216
Ann Sheriff Receptionist x 0/225
Marjorie Thomas Receptionist x 0/225

Vincent Grujic Facilities Manager x 220
Deacon Charles Marche III Assistant Facilities Manager x 244
Dexter Fletcher Custodian x 0
Luis Medina Custodian x 0
Akuba Pyles Custodian x 0