The Aby Fund


The Abyssinian Fund, or Aby Fund, was established. The Aby Fund is committed to reducing poverty in Ethiopia by partnering with farming communities, providing training and equipment to help them produce high quality coffee.

Abyssinian Baptist Church 1808-2008, Ethiopia Pilgrimage

Keeping the Faith

Under Dr. Butts’ spiritual leadership, Abyssinian continues a long tradition of community advocacy and empowerment adhering to its mission to “win more souls for Christ through evangelism, pastoral care, Christian education, social service delivery, and community development.”

Our Faith Walk

Abyssinian moves forward in faith, a church with a vision to be a vanguard for positive social change. It continues to act decisively on behalf of its members who take seriously the Christian command of justice, peace and love, to spread the gospel, feed the hungry, heal the broken-hearted, find shelter for the homeless, clothe the naked, and offer salvation in Jesus Christ to those who have lost hope.